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Human's as a species in Diaga are one of the most environmental, random out of all the species. Their element/ magical power, skills even un heard of never before seen magic's all come from the human species. The most being Fire Dragons however humans can have any Dragon species this includes Sky Dragons, Earth Dragons, Stone Dragons, Wind Dragons, Thunder Dragons, Water Dragons and Dragon Hybrids. 

Humans are one of the most wealthy out of all the species but they do have the shortest life span (80-100) but also quickest pregnancy at 9 months. Also humans in general aren't the strongest of species matching trolls, forest Dwarfs, and smaller folk. However this depends on the type of human that you are dealing with.

Because of humans short life span they are better at adapting have more of an urgency about their lives, and they are better with not holding grudges for insane amount of years, depends on the human. Humans can live in some of the most extreme environments, and are one of the best species for inventions.  They are exstremely good with forien relationships more so then Illgaria and several other countries.

Humans can evolve at different speeds depending on environment and hostile areas, the most common sub species of humans are. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Witch/ Wizards:

Witch and Wizards are the most human like in all the species however their magical powers usually involve in abnormality, able to control the weather, speak to animals and plants to purification. They can summon objects, change objects into living things at least according to legend. They can control animals, sometimes even demons and even dragons to having  a familiar that they can summon. Summoning something living usually kills it unless it is a Keeper, Witch and Wizards can only summon their familiar which has the unusual ability to speak after being with their human companion for long enough.

Witch/ Wizards usually are so rare some speak of them being fakes, the Magicans that wonder around pretending to be Witch/ Wizards do not help but their is a neutral Kingdom dedicated to keep the blood line going. 

Witches and Wizards are said to be able to share memories to one another thought mind link much like some of the strongest physic's can but they can do so without meaning to.

Witches and Wizards can have odd powers sometimes summoning gold, objects and transforming a cat into a snake, extra. They usually can cast spells, using rune magic to protect them in battle. Much easier since most people don't understand how Rune Magic work their an entire langague developed to the teaching and understanding of Rune Magic.

However their existence is purely non aggressive all Witches/ Wizards are sworn in to protect life, since they have a great connection with nature. Only a select few have refused to do so. 

A rouge witch or wizard is incredibly terrifying since they can use magic in most ways normal people can't even dream of. Their minds seem to be shaped differently then most humans and their bodies tend to be able to have strange mutations, including silver markings on their hands usually in the shape of a M. Magic tends to be able to be used a lot easier then most other species. 

Only a pure human may be a witch or wizard, also it shows up in random blood lines but has a higher chance of showing up in blood lines that have strong pure Wizard/ Witch/ Human. Mostly females are Witches over males, but since they took up neutral status they are protected under law. 

-------------------------------------------------------------------- Vampires: Vampires are humans that have soul bounded with a Dragon, unlike most species their age is not even a quarter of most however a Dragons is about the average of 1200 + years and once a human and a dragon bond their life span increases. A human will transition from being a human to a vampire gradually over a one year length their skin, strength and magical power will greatly increase. They will have super human strength, speed, hearing, eye vision will all increase but it dose vary between human and human. Due to the transition it can put a lot of stress on the young vampires body.

Their eyes will also go under a transformation and they will sting when shown into sunlight a vampire will gain the ability to speak to one another in snarls, snaps much like a werewolf will and will learn 'their language' through that. They will also have blood cravings, especially when going through puberty at this time vampires are at their most dangerous since their abilities will go out of whack.

Vampires usually have one element and have one of the greatest mind set in comparison to other breeds, giving them super mind powers, which is why vampires are one of the best species at Rune Magic but it dose depend where they live. Vampires are heavily influenced by their human companions unless they live in Illgaria or Iceland. They are one of the most curious and emotional speicies.

A vampire can loose control of them self much like a Keeper dose, usually a Witch/ Wizard or human can calm them down depending on the bond they have with one another, basically anyone with high mind powers. Which is why Keepers/ Young Vampires are usually kept away from outsiders in the back of the city.  


Huwerns are the speicies that started the whole werewolf blood line in the first place, their is a lot of myth and lore surrounding the Huwerns as a species. They are a sub species of human. Age:  1-11- Toddler, Baby, Infant 12-15 teenager 16-18- Young Adult 18-50 Adult 50-100- Elder Huwerns can have any element since they have human blood, but most of the time earth element is the most common green eyes are the rarest, while having white eyes in this breed is more common. It can also result in the individual being a witch or wizard, but that's usually with humans but their are a chance with Huwerns as well. Huwerns have to wear a silver bracelet to be identified as intelligent and not as an animal because they can be misidentified on occasion. Also Huwerns can sometimes tend to loose them self more then the other speicies in their wolf form. Becoming more like an animal at times. Huwerns usually work as villagers, farmers, working the land as Earth Mages, they also protect the individual village, or Clan, they usually work in agriculture they have thick coats that make it better for them to work in colder climates. They don't do so well in warmer to subtropic area's unless they have time to adjust then they loose their heavy coat. However they tend to hate the heat so desert life for them isn't desired.  They also are excellent fishermen if they live by the coast they can adapt. Almost any breed can breed with Huwerns so it makes it easier for hybrids and halflings to be born. Some Huwerns act as the main for of fighters because they age os quickly they can reproduce long blood lines faster then the other breeds can having children in only nine months if you can believe it.  Huwerns usually come with their coats from a young age unlike the other speicies they always have their markings. The eye color is depended on coat colors.  Other then white which is passed on as stated above by all coat colorations. A pure Huwern will not have unnatural colorations in their fur.  Face Markings: their face markings very a lot from wolf to wolf but it is most common to have some markings, also they may add dyes to their furs if they are in the medical rank instead of farm work. Most Huwerns come from poor to moderate life style to rich depending on blood line they may also work in politics or as a merchant.   Huwerns Strength: (5/10) Speed: (4/10) Endurance: (4/10)

Type 3: Huwerns- Huwerns are a cross between human and wolf. These are the original werewolfs and their blood lines can be traced all the way back. Human Huwerns live the shortest life span out of all the werewolf breeds. But they breed faster then any of the species.Their elements can also greatly vary. Unlike the elf and dwarf species. The most common element is Earth Element.  Huwern usually serve as farmers, and protectors of the villages. They are not trained by the king due to their short life line. However a lot of them do volunteer in favor of a simple life line, their are two job choices farm or serve the King in battle. Those with Crystal Hearts, that become Dragon riders. Are favored more so then their Huwern brother hood.


Elderon Sub Cultures And Cities/Towns[] Hair color Variations including split colors, these are traits Pure Elderon's will have, or can have some pure Elderons don't have neck feathers some say this is a show of weak blood or bad health since Elderon feathers aren't really bright but their not dull and weak. If an Elderon's feathers are weak and break easily they are said to be sick or ill. Elderons have a lot of variation including hands and prominate features it really depends on their environment. Those that live in colder environments will grow more feathers their have been cases where Feathers cover 90 percent of their bodies.  Feathers/ Hair also grow in it's place depending on the weather/ area. Eye colors of a pure Elderon only come in six colorations. You will never see bright colorations like Neon blue or yellow in an Elderon that is a pure blood. A lot of Elderon blood has been mixed with werewolf blood to encourage more random animal types in their gene pool. An Elderon can be an owl shape but they can also be any bird, or large predatory animal. It is entirley un heard of anyone taking that up as a prey species. But their has been legend of a girl named Mikala that could take the form of a deer, she was said to have been accidentally killed by a hunter this way.  Elderons are known to eat insects, fish, meat, and bugs, they can also eat bread. Elderons that are bigger require more protein then their smaller counter parts in later years Elderons have been growing in height due to the success in the gene pool but they use to only come up to four feet, some still coupe up to that height but its now a rare conscious. Elderons live in parts of Tenebrous, Killiha, Illgaria, and Ice Land. They are one of the most successful subspecies of humans due totheir ability to take up any animal form, including, dog, wolf, beat, lions, and other predators. What makes them a single species type is their Sentimental forms. Feathers may appear on face, neck of both males and females thought males tend to have more  feathers since a male without feathers isn't considered as attractive in pure ELderon culture. However it is known that it is more easier for an Elderon to marry a non Elderon if they have less Feathers since more non Elderons have an interest in them due to their strong blood lines. Elderons are strong of mind, half breeds have taken over a large amount of population almost quadrupling in sizes.

Arvigar is a complete separate species it has no blood line from Illgaria, they come from the lands of ice and snow across the sea. Their brood has remained steadily pure compared to others.

Diet: Arvigar mainly eat fish they have a double coat and can swim in the fridget ice, Arvigar do not serve the King and rule their Tribes independently the entire race lives in the south east area which is a complete remote area. They do not serve the king instead they work for their own goals independently. the Arvigar tribe is both mysterous in many ways trading among them selfs, they are excellent hunters or trappers.

They live in caves, and mountains their main source of income is rare minerals, lumber, fish, deer, pellets, weapons, training courses, they also protect their homes independently unlike other werewolfs they have evolved almost to the point where seeing them as human is not that common. 

Mutations: They can grow sharpened fangs or horns on occasion.


Mercy: They believe in not killing unless they have to or at war, they believe in treating their enemies on how they would be treated.

Blood Feast: The blood feast is held every 10 years automatically everyone will bring at least one food dish to the celebration and anyone can participate in the Blood Feast, they can challenge the President to battle. The President must be Physical and Mental fit enough to compete in a battle the President since he is challenge can choose what game it is.

Despite the name blood is usually not split and hasn't been drawn in years, if the looser of the mind battle refuses to submit they almost always do after they loose the first battle. If they choose not to the two will fight a psychical battle if the opponent wins the second battle then it goes down to a Patron battle between two hunters or nominated or those who wish to compete.

The two opposing Hunters will then fight a battle the winner determines the out come. Keep in mind the President can still be voted out if not enough people agree but they have three months to impress the people or not. 

Any race is accepted as the leader so long as they are accepted by the previous president or any member of their country.   Sometimes if the looser is favourable they may be accepted as a Heir. A heir is not a blood heir like in most places, the President is expected to train the individual to take up rank. The President can be male or female.

Vote: The hunters must vote when it comes to things like battle thought they will generally back up their president if they feel as if they are being threatened.

Marriage: In their mind marriage is before anything including kissing kissing in a public place is generally scowled upon especially those of adult hood. Unlike most countries however they accept all type of sexual preferences are accepting of same gender romances. 

President: Calls their leader Boss, or President, they were influenced by their fairy blood line, all magical creatures in the woods sell this as their one leader, they remain leader until they retire for their entire life. Once the President passes they can either pick a heir training them from birth however their is an election someone can be nominated or any species can go for the title of President but it is almost always an Arvigar but it doesn't mean it is always so.

They have been greatly introduced by their fairy brothers. They call all sentimental creatures Ferins. 

Voting Out: Their can be a vote to vote out the current president but it most be at least 80 percent of the population who agrees with it. The bond with the people is great so the President must visit each Tribe/ Clan/ City/ Town/ that is part of the province. 

Hunters: The Hunters provide the food with the city dicaiting who is a farmer suggesting others to become hunters  or others to become guards for the king. They can also nominate a potential hunter.

Unlike most countries the Hunters do not obey the President they choose to or choose not to follow orders they have their own pecking order that can be changed basically the best fighter, and the one with the most knowledge in their province takes up the rank. Their is a numerous amount of competitions held and the winner can gain rank same for children.

Hosts: hosts jobs are to host outsiders and to inform them of their religion and culture, and how things work in their Province. To be honest it is more like their separate kingdom but they don't bother the king and do accept trade with them. They are suppose to know everything and everything they have knowledge of advanced technology and know how to use them. They are basically the face, or the ambassadors of the next generation. They inform the hunters and the President about information that they need ot know.

Civilians: Civilians can live in four divided places modern sewer systems, technology or how they were intended to live without the comfort usually the rich and average house hold lives like that. While the others can live with no technology advances, it depends on what town or city you go to within the province. Civilians generally are well respected members basically everyone knows everyone. Most of their cities are small, but their bonds are great.

Meat is a rare delicacy at least until they got the trade routs with the King of their country. Unlike most countries or places your rank depends on your skill and not your race anyone can gain rank in here. To be accepted as a member of the city you must perform some tasks. 

They rarely accept outsiders into their main camp, they are said to have giant cities made of stone they lack in members they make up in wide amazing buildings in honstey they could use a lot more people. They have a rich culture, and a lot of myths. Unlike most feral countries they have access to technolgoy and dose use some of it in various places. 

Children: Children are trained from birth all of them how to fight all children are looked after by the entire community their are no Mother and Father sets but the entire country takes care of one another. 

Arvigar Strength: (8/10) Speed: (5/10) Endurance: (6/10)

Arvigar prefer the isolation rather then conflict thought they are more then capable of defending them selfs, Arvigar own very important trade routs, and they live as the masters of the creatures of the woods. Arvigar are not subservent not much is known about their way of life as they do not allow out siders inside of their Castle Iridarin, but they do have training camps and do allow people to visit and speak with them their. The Arvigar are rumour to hold elections they do not have technology and are not very developed in ways that other countries are. 

Arvigar strengths and weakness are unknown but they are known to show great strength while having okay endurance but not the best speed.