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This is about my origional series GameofHearts, each book has a different name FireStarter, Rune Master, Magic Thief but Game of Hearts is the series names. Its all in a fantasy/sci-fy universe with dragon, magic, and a wide variety of culture of enemies and family.


They crawled forth as if summoned by the whispers and cursed murmurs of a dark spirit coming out of the shadows they spared no one not the richest of merchant and not the poorest of souls struggling to get by in the slums. Like War Beasts they came from every where at once during what was suppose to be a day of celebration, the one day we let down our boarders and embraced are neighbors. They took our heart song and tore our loved ones from their bed split their blood on the pavement and disappeared into the night.

And with it the Reapers took my sister Alice Spindle but they did not take her without blood shed, she fought back just a child and yet she had been willing to fight. Her kidnapping has destroy all my trust in the Iceland kingdoms of the North, it makes me wonder if their idea of a union is even possible with that fool at the front.

But it is my duty as the next heir to at least pretend to the idea, in all honesty her sister Alice had always been a popular choice even now theirs the occasional whisper of her name. The Pride of their Kingdom the reputation had been destroyed they had to rebuild their kingdom from the ground up fight to regain their honor.

Even so their are rumors of a power gaining in the east and their are enemies on all sides even within her own home. The game for power has only just started and she has to fight to protect what she loves. Otherwise those with less or more may come and take it for her, every day is a struggle for survival against the tides that try to rip her from her Kingdom. But with the lies, that are being told and the darkness that is entangled in her families history will she be able to find out the truth about her sister?

Will she even be able to make it?

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